Contact Marshall:
221 Third Street, Suite 201
Newport, RI 02840
Phone: 401-848-2264

Marshall Stroll  |  Business Manager

After many years of being part of Newport Hospitality as "Laurie's husband" Marshall learned the DMC business through "osmosis". When his wife, Laurie Stroll, bought the business in 2004, she was looking for a reliable team member to handle the finances. Marshall jumped in feet first by becoming the Business Manager for the company and quickly became the support system for the Newport Hospitality team, always pitching in wherever needed. Prior to joining Newport Hospitality, Marshall worked at the International Tennis Hall of Fame as their buyer and manager. He also held sales and management positions with Reebok, Circuit City, and Citizen's Bank. A great way to show Marshall your appreciation is to bring him some chocolate chip cookies or Dunkin' Donuts Coffee!