Newport has been welcoming travelers since 1629 less than 20 years after the Mayflower landed in Plymouth, MA. Shortly after its founding, in the 1700’s, there was around 10,000 people living in Newport and it was rated one of the five richest cities in America. From war heroes to fishermen, the architecture of Newport’s colonial homes housed the earliest known settlers.

The unspoiled port city was soon discovered once again during the Gilded Age by millionaires looking for a resort in close proximity to New York City. Newport became a nearby retreat suitable for their elaborate summer homes. Mansions were built on Bellevue Avenue to house the rich including the Vanderbilt's & Astor's, for 2-6 weeks for the summer social season. These "cottages" are still standing today as monuments to this opulent, thriving industrial period in America known as the Gilded Age.

Newport now has 25,000 residents with a flow of about 4.5 million visitors per year!  A contemporary city with a rich heritage, Newport has something for almost everyone - from mansion tours, to tennis recognition, lovely beaches, sailing, the world-famous "Cliff Walk", interesting shops and restaurants, museums, and art and jazz festivals.


Newport is a 30 minute ride from the closest airport, TF Green, and 1.5 hour ride from Boston’s Logan International Airport.